How is the Reclub service different from other real estate agent services?

When it comes to traditional agent services, you always pay a certain percentage of the sale. At the same time, the price does not depend on how much the agent actually participates in the sales process. With Reclub, however, you decide which stages you need help with and which ones you can manage yourself. You only pay for the services that you use.

When do I have to pay for the package?

The fee for Basic and Standard packages are paid right away, when you order, but the Premium package fee is paid after the closing.

Is the market price consultation the same thing as a valuation appraisal?

No, it is not. During the consultation, we determine what could be the maximum price of your apartment, depending on its location, condition and the market situation.

How long will my ads be up on different websites?

The average property sale period is 3 months. Don’t worry if it takes a bit longer for you to sell your property. When selling with Reclub, all your ads remain active up to 6 months (and you can extend the ad period for another 6 months for a fee of 99 €).

If I put up my apartment to sell through Reclub but then find a buyer on my own, will I get my money back?

All sales are final due to accrued expenses.

Do you also sell garages, for example?

Yes! We sell all kinds of real estate types – apartments, houses, terraced houses, land, garages, and much more.

How can I take good pictures of my real estate?

Reclub will help you with that!

Why are your service fees so low?

As the first Estonian online agency, we can service our clients from one point, so our running costs are low. We also don’t charge you for something you don’t need.

Does selling online only produce results?

Yes. 99% of potential buyers look at ads on real estate websites – and that is precisely where we sell your property.

Can other agents also sell my real estate at the same time?

Yes, with the Basic and Standard packages they can. Unfortunately, with the Premium package it is not possible, because when we start the sales process, we are already paying for expenses on our end (ads on websites, photography and other ad materials).

What is the difference between the Basic and Standard packages?

With the Basic package, you take the photos and write your own ad description. With the Standard package, we do it for you, plus the agent comes on location to determine your property’s market value.

Can I change packages?

Yes, for example, if you want to upgrade from the Basic to the Standard or Premium packages, you can do that. The service fee you have already paid isn’t lost – it is just deducted from the price of the new package.

Do the prices include VAT?

Yes, all prices include the VAT rate applicable in Estonia.

Where will you post my real estate ads?

On the biggest real estate websites in Estonia: city24.ee and kv.ee, also kinnisvara24.ee reclub.eu and Facebook.

Can I buy additional services while the sales process is already in progress?

Yes, you can purchase additional services at any time.

How soon will my ad be online?

After we receive (or take) your photos and the ad description, within two business days at the latest

What if I only speak Estonian, but the buyer can only speak Russian or English?

We speak Estonian, Russian and English. If you need help when showing your apartment, you can order the additional service of property showing from the self-service. It’s very easy.

I have never sold real estate before. What should I know before going to the notary public?

Preparing information for the notary public is usually rather simple. When you log on to the Reclub self-service, you will find important tips and a list of documents that you will need to present.